About us

e-Origin provides innovative solutions designed to speed up cross-border parcel flow and help clients avoid penalties, unexpected delays and losses.


Our Mission

e-Origin’s solutions are designed to ease customs compliance for e-commerce, to accelerate clearance process for customs brokers and improve delivery experience for Marketplaces.


Our Vision

Our goal is to secure reliable data along the e-commerce supply chain to promote customs compliance for a sustainable, fair and profitable online market

Our history

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e-Origin was born out of consultation with freight technology experts and logistics brokers who understood that the challenge of customs clearance in e-commerce was deeply linked to data management.

Customs brokers were generally used to trust stakeholders involved in import declaration processes on all data communicated between an exporter and an importer. Still today data exchanged in cargo shipments have a high level of reliability.

When it comes to e-commerce inbound flows, the customs clearance might look the same but is much more complex. The customs broker has no certitude about what is hiding behind an HS code, description and values of an e-commerce shipment good to declare. In practice, the existing customs software becomes a burden as they are not adapted to automate the work for a large amount of data and the customs broker spends more time to complete administration tasks instead of taking time to verify the declaration data provided by their logistics partners . As a result, customs authorities can easily spot a major volume of import declarations that are not compliant leading to huge penalties for customs brokers.

We identified two main causes which require to handle customs declarations in e-commerce differently :

  • Data heterogeneity was driven by an incredibly high volume of different products to handle and declare in a short time to meet delivery expectations of e-commerce.
  • Data unreliability and data distortion are due to the complexity of the supply chain with plenty of actors involved to produce, gather, sell, transport, clear and deliver the product to the online shoppers or to a fulfillment warehouse.

Marketplace and Online sellers are also suffering from these difficulties to ease customs process to improve delivery experience. As e-commerce is growing, European regulation is catching up with the implementation of new rules for VAT and customs compliances (IOSS and IMDS H7). Marketplaces’ reviews are negatively impacted when deliveries are delayed or, in worst cases, additional fees are requested to the customers.

Even when online selling processes seem to be compliant with European regulation, including transport and delivery, the statistics show impressive non-compliant rates for e-commerce customs declarations. More than 80% of parcels inspected by customs authorities reveal that data are not corresponding with the sales transactions. This leads to consider declaration as fraudulent with destruction of goods or delays in consignment triggering bad reputation on online shopping. 

e-Origin has a team with a large experience in the development of digital tools to support all stakeholders in cross border e-commerce . The strength of e-Origin is to integrate the business expertise of the customs declarant in its development thanks to the contribution of the best experts in the field and its research project supported by the logistic cluster Logistics in Wallonia and the national customs. The R&D project is still ongoing and led by e-Origin with the University of Liege for the custom compliance and the University of Mons for AI support. e-Origin is based on LGG Airport, the main e-hub in Europe to focus his development on tested field solutions for customs brokers, carriers, Marketplaces and Online sellers.Thanks to our partners, you can find ties online to suit every preference and budget, from budget to top-of-the-range super stylish models.

About the team

Yanis kyriades

Yanis Kyriakides

Co-Founder and CEO

Reynlad lemaire

Reynald Lemaire


Calogero sferrazza

Calogero  Sferrazza

Head of Business Development &
Customs Cross Border Expert