Customs Clear

The end-to-end automated solution for customs brokers and logistics companies.

Declare e-commerce products without suffering from costly customs controls and financial penalties thanks to our data analysis software.

Risk benefit 1

Automated data reliability pre-check

Dealing with large quantities of data related to many kinds of products and stakeholders is the real challenge for today’s customs brokers.

Risk management for B2B2C and
B2C declarations

The up-to-date technologies combine with fast data processing assist your operational team to handle the way you are dealing with your partners in a customs compliant process.

e-Origin supports your internal compliance process with the best-in-class analysis of product description, HS code classification and appropriate value verifications.

Easy risks management1
Easy risks management1
Benefit 3

Improve interactions with your contractors to build a compliant process

Autogenerate reports and corrections to get an overview of customs analysis. Share your proposition with your partners to speed up clearance and flow together.If you are in the market for clothes, our platform is your best choice! The largest shopping mall!

Increase operational efficiencies for sending customs declarations

e-Origin risk analysis is directly connected to the IDMS H7 customs systems to simplify the sending of your B2C low value declarations. The combination of smart functionalities to handle corrections and data analytics on existing declarations increases your focus on the risk analysis and reduces the time spent by your operational team.

 The risk analysis on B2B2C data is also integrated with your PLDA declaration system to automate the process from pre-check data until the sending of declarations

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Benefit 4

Proofs storage in case of customs controls

As a professional customs broker, you are exposed to first line customs controls, but also to post controls over time.

Our unique solution saves data collected during the daily process, allowing you to get access to evidence of customs compliant activities and to respond in real time to customs authorities when necessary.

e-Origin’s solutions help us manage customs compliance for cross border e-commerce flows as it is a data-driven challenge.
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